Raising a child can be an unsettling task at times. Although Today’s parents know that what they do and what they say during the two decades of raising a child really matters. Though babies may look uncomplicated but not only infants require a significant level of attention and care in order to grow up into a healthy person even at the adolescence age they require same and sometimes more attention and care.
Each child has his/her own unique personality–these personalities are encoded within their genes, and also shaped by their caregivers and living environment. It is the role of parents to work with the child and his/her unique personality for the development of their appropriate behaviours, social skills, life skills and to create a healthy environment. Although parents cannot control all the factors involved in their development like their birth order, peer pressures, traumatic events or experiences, school experiences, and of course the impact parents have on their children. (Impact parents want that it should be positive).
However, parents also have their limitations. They do not have all the answers. Sometimes their own childhood experiences have left them with deficient models of parenting (i.e. living through a difficult divorce, having ill or unavailable parents, living, and so on and so forth). Sometimes their own physical or emotional health challenges can make parenting more difficult or it can simply be a situation where parents do not know how to handle their child. In many cases parents need someone to turn to for guidance and support.
Psychotherapy and counselling can help parents in many different ways. For instance, some parents are stressed by a particular parenting challenge, whether it is a one-time event or an on-going situation. Indeed, so many issues arise in parenting that most parents do struggle at one time or another.
Parenting psychotherapy can be seeked for the issues like:
Parenting is one of the biggest responsibilities one has in their lives, and it is very often that a couple or a person faces a problem regarding this task or more commonly called a Duty. Parents face many problems while raising their children, not just while raising but since they plan to be parents they face many problems. That is why Parenting Counselling is useful and helpful to a person right from starting a family to the reaching stage of child birth and further to being a fully functioning individual. It is thus very evident that it is always the right time to seek or consult a psychologist for matters regarding your family feuds and misunderstandings.
Parenting counselling is helpful and beneficial in different arears like: