About Therapy:

Therapy is different and unique for every client, depending on the goals client bring in for their treatment. Client and I work together to tailor the sessions so that they work best for the client.
I would encourage you to think of our first session as a consultation or basic session where I will do my best to understand you and the unique concerns that bring you in for the therapy. It is important for you to feel comfortable with your therapist and trust that nothing goes out of the session without your consent the first session will give you a sense of what it’s like to meet with a therapist. It is also important for your therapist to have the skills, training and experience necessary to treat your specific concerns that’s where my RCI Approved M.Phil training answers all your questions.
In the first few sessions an assessment is done to understand the clients and severity of the problem. During this phase a good rapport and trust is build, goals for the treatment are set, and it is determined what works best for the client.
After that, the real therapy work begins; psychotherapy isn’t a quick fix but it needs hard-work and effort for the best results. Once the goals brought by the client are achieved the progress is assessed mutually, it is ensured that all the goals are achieved and the client is satisfied then the therapy is terminated. The termination period lasts for about 1-2 sessions.

Preparing for the first session:

If you have questions in mind: (note them)
You might have some questions in your mind like:
Make a list of any such questions or concerns you have and bring them along with you in your session we will discuss all of them there and then only.