I cannot speak to anyone about my client’s treatment without written authorization from them. It is their choice and will if they permit me to speak about their issues with anyone. It is also up to the clients to decide that what piece of information I can share and discuss with the third person or party. In family and couple therapy how privacy will be taken up and follow the discussed in the first few sessions. Usually I appreciate that one member should not come for the session individually without the other member or members, unless they agree upon it in the previous session. This way confusion which might occur in the therapy regarding the confidentiality is prevented. If the client is minor (below the age of 18 years) a consent is required from parents to receive the psychological help. In such a case parents have the right to obtain the record of their child if they want to. However, in such a scenario the privacy policy is discussed with the client and his family before the therapy is started. Although in my practice I encourage parents to agree upon the condition that whatever is said in the individual session between the client (minor) and me, is kept confidential and will not be shared unless I feel it’s important that family should be aware of it or the clients health and safety is in question.
Few conditions where I am legally and ethically bound to break our confidentiality. These are the limitations we need to follow:
If any of these situations or events arise, I will be discussing them with you during the session before taking any action.
Rest assured, protecting your privacy and confidentiality is extremely important to me and an integral part of establishing a working relationship and mutual trust. My privacy policy is designed to be individualized and especially strict, particularly to accommodate clients who consider themselves of high status, individuals with security clearances, or other issues for which anonymity is essential. Regardless of your situation, I take your privacy very seriously.