Career Counselling

Career Counseling helps in your career exploration and career planning. Deciding on a career is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. If you are making your first career choices or even if you are thinking about changing your career. Career counselling will help you increase your self-confidence and will give you a sense of direction. As it is a process that helps an individual to understand his/herself and the work environment and world in order to make his/her career, educational and life decisions. There are a number of factors like interests, abilities, values, personality, background, aptitude and circumstances that influence this career development. The goal of Career Counselling is to not only help you make the decisions you need to make now, but to give you the knowledge and skills you need to make future career and life decisions.
Career counselling helps you –Career counselling helps you –
If you have any of the following thoughts you might need career counselling:-

Child Counselling

Children may need counselling at different age levels for different issues or problems significant at that time point. Like at: School level and college level.
Children even at a very tender age may face problems and challenges from more than one dimension like pressure from studies for better grades and scores in exams, or from friends in school or their area. Child counselling helps kids in one way than many. Many a times parents feel their children need some help from a person who can help him or guide them, show them the right path or solution to their personal problems and worries that may be as well be psychological or personal.
Children may need the counselling in a variety of cases such as:
So before that the situation gets out of control or out of hand a proper psychologist of should be consulted, because there is no medicinal remedy to this sort of a treatment.

School Counselling

In today’s age of competition school children are burdened with a lot of expectations which hinder their overall performance and thus leading to psychological pressures from their parents, teachers and even themselves. A parent might think that their school going children are at no age to face any sort of problem or pressure but they do!!
Issues like anger management, stress management, anxiety management, emotional awareness, coping skills, problem solving, adjustment skills, relationship skills, interpersonal skills, peer group influence, career counselling, concentration issues, time management self-esteem etc.

College Student Counselling

During college life students are a bit matured compared to the school students. Still they may face similar problems like pressure regarding scoring good grades in exams, this sort of a competition may also lead to students skipping college classes or more so even giving up education in middle which adversely leads to rifts between students and their family members.
Children especially in the age group of college goers have a tendency of trying to something new which prorogates those to do some things that are not permitted by their families or even by the law. It is here that a psychologist plays an important role in guiding them and setting them on the right path, by suggesting them the right alternatives and conversing them.
Here they may need counselling for attitude problem, communication skills, presentation skills, public speaking, confidence building, stress/ anxiety/ anger/time management, emotional issues, relationship issues etc.
Career counselling may be needed for: Emotional Assessments, Educational Assessments, Vocational Assessments, Subject Choice Assessments, Promotional/Change in Career Assessments etc.

What Clients Are Saying

  • It was helpful as it narrowed down the choices I had in my mind and also helped me to acknowledge my ability and skills.

  • I felt really good, the way my career testing result was discussed I was able to understand each and every aspect very clearly.

  • It was really a great experience I felt much more confident and my views are more clear for my future then I had earlier.